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Veronica Mars – The Best Show No One Bothered To Watch

Well, UPN has announced the Veronica Mars will not be renewed for next season, although they have until June 15th to change their mind, with the writers and actors signing on for other jobs it doesn’t seem likely to happen. This is too bad, as this was one of the best-acted and best-written shows on television. For most of you who missed this little gem, I can’t really blame you as it started on UPN, a network that wasn’t received…
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Girls Season 1 Episode 3: All Adventurous Women Do – TV Review

Yesterday, the last episode of Girls ended great, with Hannah and Marnie rocking out to Robyn‘s “Dancing On My Own.” It was their way of admitting they don’t have it all figured out, and there was something very humbling about that. What led up to that pivotal moment? Check out our review of “All Adventurous Women Do” to find out … Hannah meets up with her college boyfriend to learn how she contracted an STD. But she gets more than…