Girls Season 1 Episode 3: All Adventurous Women Do – TV Review

Yesterday, the last episode of Girls ended great, with Hannah and Marnie rocking out to Robyn‘s “Dancing On My Own.” It was their way of admitting they don’t have it all figured out, and there was something very humbling about that.

What led up to that pivotal moment? Check out our review of “All Adventurous Women Do” to find out …
Girls Cast
Hannah meets up with her college boyfriend to learn how she contracted an STD. But she gets more than she bargained for. Meanwhile, Marnie is introduced to an artist at a gallery opening, and Jessa lands her first job as a babysitter.

The Good

The Female Woody Allen – Lena Dunham‘s portrayal of Hannah is one of the strongest things about this show. She’s got great comedic timing and her neurotic humor bears a striking resemblance to a young Woody Allen. But it’s not just comedy, she also delivers when it comes to the dramatic scenes.
Watching her say, “What I’m having right now is an inappropriate physical reaction to my total joy for you and your self-discovery,” was the highlight of the night.

The Love Scene

Up until last night, Marnie had been a pretty irritating character – babying Hanna, nagging Jessa, belittling Charlie – but this week she made a transformation. After meeting a young and successful artist named Jonathan, Marnie had an intense love scene in a public restroom. It was the first time she was relaxed and relieved (pun intended). The scene won’t sit well with everyone, but it felt necessary.

Zosia Mamet: It just amazes me that Mamet can play a character like Shoshanna on Girls, and Joyce Ramsay on Mad Men. She’s incredibly talented.


Unlike other similar movies, Girls addresses issues honestly and head-on. One great moment from last night’s episode came when Adam told Hannah she could stand to lose a few pounds. It was a rude statement that she handled like a champ. She’s just chosen to do more important things with her life than obsess over the scale.

The Bad
  • Fake Cry – Williams is good at love scenes, but bad at fake crying. She’s new at this acting thing so we’ll let that one slide.
  • Unbelievable – we can sort of see why Marnie would be turned on by a pretentious type like Jonathan. But it’s hard to believe a guy who looks like a prep school freshman would send her running to the ladies room for some “me time.”
  • Jessa’s New Gig: We never find out why Jessa decided to get a job as a babysitter. The whole thing felt out-of-character. Since the beginning of the show it seemed like she was living off her parents and enjoyed being an international socialite. Are her parents cutting her off? Is she sad about losing her baby? Where this is headed, we don’t know.

Although there was less interaction between the four main characters, “All Adventurous Women Do” was a step in the right direction. We got to know the girls as individuals. Girls continues to be the perfect mix of funny and dramatic week after week.

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