Here’s Why I Like To Watch Movies With Idris Elba

Idris Elba has a vast resume that has spanned two decades and though he is one of the most personable people to talk to, what does anyone really know about him?
Idris Elba

He’s not evasive, but Idris is perfect at only revealing what he chooses for people to know. Aside from his amazing good looks and charisma, he is fluent in multiple languages, moonlights as a dee-jay, currently stars in a hit television series in London (Luther) AND just received not one but two Emmy nominations, for his role in Luther and as a guest on The Big C opposite Laura Linney. More than any of his recent accomplishments, he has mastered the tightrope of being the guy that most women want to date and most men want to be around at happy hour.

Entering the room full of media and industry people, Elba has a presence like none other – swag is what we call it. He exudes the utmost confidence as he takes his seat and as soon as his name is announced, the room goes wild – which is unprecedented amongst media professionals. He begins to speak with his thick British accent and everyone in the room is mesmerized instantly and starts to ponder – what were we talking about again? You get the idea.

Idris Elba admits that some people disliked him after his role as Stringer in the HBO hit series, The Wire, which only demonstrates his depth as an actor. His role was so compelling that The Wire went on to become an actual class taught at Harvard University. Totally masking his British accent, you believed he was this ruthless thug with no heart but a passion for the street life and everything it represented.

Elba as Ben in The Mountain Between UsSince the days of The Wire, he has transformed himself to be the business executive husband of Beyonce in Obsessed, the hard-working single dad fighting for custody in Daddy’s Little Girls, the upscale thief in Takers, and most recently the cutting edge detective with an interesting approach to his investigations in the British television hit series, Luther.
And let’s not forget his latest role in The Mountain Between Us, a blockbuster in which he plays a surgeon stuck in the mountain after plane crash.

For the past two seasons, Idris has engulfed himself in the title role for which he was recently nominated for an Emmy. If you thought Law & Order kept you on the edge of your seats, Luther is must watch movie at it’s finest. The intriguing avenue is that every episode begins with revealing the “who” in the “whodoneit”. The rest of the show is untangling the mystery of how the criminal came to commit the crime and why. Brilliantly written and executed by a very capable supporting cast, you will be glued to the screen, watching and anxiously awaiting the next episode. In it’s second season, Luther premiered with over 5.7 million viewers. How is that for an opening night on British television? (Check your local listings for the BBC channel to catch this great film.)

When asked which Emmy he would most like to win, Elba claimed, “If I had my preference, I would like to win for The Mountain Between Us because of the group effort behind that movie. I would love for the film team to win”. Listen to part of his recent interview on the video above. You can also watch online his interview in its entirety, as well as never before seen photos and Idris’ explanation on why he will not be in another Tyler Perry film.

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