Mila Kunis: She fell asleep for a love scene

Mila Kunis recently told a story about Friends with Benefits. The young woman confessed that she had fallen asleep while filming a love scene with Justin Timberlake.

Mila Kunis recently admitted to British newspaper The Sun that she had fallen asleep once while filming a love scene with his partner in Friends with Benefits, Justin Timberlake.

“Towards the end, we were shooting a scene in the house of the father It was a day of 18 hours, we were at 17″, she said. The young woman then continued: “I was lying and he kissed me back and I said, I’ll close my eyes one minute. And I woke up on hearing Ok, we finished! I had a nap”, she said, laughing.

Apparently, nobody noticed anything. But if Justin had realized, it would have been offended. It would have been better if he would not agree with Mila Kunis, who admits to prefer men with sense of humor. Sense of humor is a great quality to have. “I love the sarcasm, satire, and self-mockery. But I think it’s important to expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised to finally”, the actress said in an interview with Glamour. Apparently, Timberlake was rather well for himself in this area:

Justin is incredibly funny. We laughed a lot

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