The Lake House: An Impossible Love Story


Keanu Reeves’ character describes the premise of this movie in few words, “incredible…impossible!” Viewers will quickly agree – the leaps of faith they are asked to take to watch online this love story should be reserved for science fiction.

Sandra Bullock  and Keanu Reeves

The Lake House is the story of two tenants who successively occupy a beautiful glass cottage overlooking a rural Illinois lake. Before moving to Chicago for a new job, Kate Forster (Sandra Bullock) leaves a note in her mailbox asking the next occupant to forward her mail, and is shocked to find that the man who responds, Alex Wyler (Keanu Reeves) is living exactly two years earlier, in 2004. They maintain correspondence, fall for each other, and spend their time trying to decide how to overcome their distance.

What is hard to believe is how lightly everyone in this story takes this situation. Forster’s mother blows off the two year time difference as a minor detail, and Wyler aptly precedes telling his brother about the relationship with, you’re going to think I’m crazy. From this point on, we’re asked to accept that two sane people continue sending letters to each other, because they are more curious about a potential date than understanding this extraordinary phenomenon. Are we really that desperate?! In the world I know, this mailbox would be dissected by scientists, or at least exploited for future lottery numbers.

Alex Wyler quote

We’re given a few other coincidences to digest. A glass house can be precariously built around a growing tree and manage to stay standing. The dog, which apparently comes with the house, somehow transcends time and connects the two on several occasions. Kate’s fiancé (Dylan Walsh) is willing to invite a perfect stranger to his girlfriend’s birthday party. Finally, there is an absolutely obvious twist revealed at the end of the movie, completely predictable to anyone who chooses not to fall asleep in the first half.

The inclusion of Wyler’s relationship with his father as a storyline adds absolutely nothing to the momentum of the film, except maybe to reiterate that every issue in today’s society seemingly should be blamed on our parents. The family dynamics of both lead characters are alluded to throughout the film, but addressed so sparingly that they leave the audience wanting to watch The Lake House online free an look for more of an explanation, much like most of this full movie.

The moral of this story is that it’s better to hold out for an impossible dream than to settle for what’s right in front of you; which seems lost in such an unbelievable premise. If I could communicate to someone few hours before deciding to watch The Lake House, I would recommend that they spend their time elsewhere.

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