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Right after redefining the incredibly funny women role on screen, Paul Feig took a distinct turn through this seductive and exciting crime-comedy titled A Simple Favor. The movie begins by introducing a twisted story of complicated female friendship and it eventually offers a great share of pleasure to the audience. It has got the sartorial approach and is an eye candy definitely. The director has done truly well to make it an exceptional, unmistakable flair of affairs and series of incredible scenes that keep you bound when you watch the full movie. However, the end leaves you scratching your head all over again! The mystery unfolds, not about why and how one of those main characters vanishes away, but it’s what Paul Feig brings to the project.
 A Simple Favor - friends meting

In simple words, the movie totally revolves around two lead female characters who are portraying best friends. One of them goes missing halfway and the other is using her astounding brain to figure out where her soul fried goes off. The detective part is played by Stephanie Smothers (Anna Kendrick) who is a mother blogger. On the other side, comes her missing best friend played by Emily (Blake Lively). While you watch A Simple Favor, the story goes once in a flashback where you will get to know the reality. Emily was actually not a friend to anyone! She was an extremely unpredictable woman living an unbalanced life. Using tags like a drunk, narcissist and bully wouldn’t sound awkward with her. The story is bound altogether in a knotty, clever and sporadically sexy from where the flashbacks could only hold you up and explain all the truth!

While you get sink deeper into the story, you will explore how the dark truth of Stephanie, out of the box exposes about her character which isn’t just a cardigan-clad Stepfordcaricature, however, is also portrayed as Antigone of the after-school snacks.

Anna Kendrick as Stephanie Smothers

Just like always, Paul Feig has brought out the strong personality of women struggling and chasing their capabilities while summoning the terrifying and incredible powers to do wonders. At times, they can be the spies, catch crooks, bust ghosts and can even wreck the closest friendships. Watch A Simple Favor online as here, Kendrick has played all the four, some of them more, while the others a bit significantly. There is so much in the movie to encounter! You can never be totally sure where the plot is going to be until the end arrives.

The full movie can be easily watched online free, however, if you are with the family, keep up with the fact that the film brings a blend of adult based noir comedy. Thus, be quite skeptical when watching it with kids. You can expect a lot of tough languages, containing swearing terms as well as a graphical description of the physical scenes. Also expect a series of quite violent incidents like a car accident, shooting,and assault.

Whatsoever it may be, the plot, director’s efforts,and the actors have tied up the story so well, that you can’t keep your eyes off until the end arrives!

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